A New Style of Wallets

A New Style of Wallets

We all carry a wallet every single day. Your wallet holds some of your most important day to day items. If you lose any of these items, it could be a long day. So why do we neglect our wallets? You know what I mean. That boring, tired, tri or bi fold wallet that you have carried forever. It is time to update that wallet with some new models. Check out some of CoolShitGuysNeed.com’s favorite wallet makers and their different designs.

Trayvax Wallets

Trayvax Wallets is founded, and made in the USA. With a lifetime warranty they are worth the look. They currently offer 4 models:

  • The Axis: $39-49 depending on colors. You get slim metal frame wallet with a folding back panel to hold your cash. A clasp will keep the back panel secure.
  • The Element: $79-84 depending on color. This is their more elegant model featuring leather instead of other materials. A metal clasp secures any cash you may carry with it.
  • The Original: $29. This is their flagship wallet. It features the same metal frame with elastic and paracord to create tension so your cards and cash wont spill out. The frame also has a built in bottle opener. Who does not need another bottle opener?
  • The Summit: $19. This is the simple travel wallet. A metal frame and nylon webbing makes up this minimalist wallet. Perfect for a lightweight solution while hiking or traveling. (Look for a review to come soon on this model!)


Grown Ass Men Equipment

Grown Ass Men Equipment is another born in, and made in, the USA company. They are so proud of that, a tag proudly displays on each product reading, “Made in the USA by Grown Ass Men.” They offer free domestic shipping on their products. They make several wallet types but we are looking at unique design wallets only in the segment.

  • The Ace: $19. This minimalist wallet is advertised as a front pocket wallet. Using mil spec webbing and elastic it has a simple Velcro closure to secure up to 10 cards and keep them safe.



Recycled Firefighter 

Recycle Firefighter is also made in the USA. The creator was a former firefighter who used old fire hoses to make wallets. He has 3 models, but 2 fit into what we are looking for. They do currently offer free domestic shipping.

  • The Sergeant: $29. This is the wallet that started it all for him. Available in leather, vinyl or fire hose material. A front pocket fits up to 8 cards and an elastic strap on the back holds your cash securely.
  • The Rookie: $39. Available in leather, vinyl or fire hose material. Advertised as a bi-fold wallet, this is not your normal bi-fold. It has a the ability to carry 12 cards and an elastic strap on the outside securely holds cash.




The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet is another great option. We cannot find any information on manufacturing but all domestic shipping is free and they provide a 1 year warranty. The Ridge has one wallet model, and they did very well with it.

  • The Ridge Wallet: $45-105 depending on if you go with Polycarbonate, Aluminum or Titanium. The wallet holds 1-12 cards. If you go with Polycarbonate, the wallet will have an elastic strap on the back for cash. If you go with aluminum or Titanium there is an optional money clip on the back for cash.





Now ditch that old, worn out, leather wallet for something that actually looks like you keep money in it.


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