Best Grilling Tools: Spatula

Best Grilling Tools: Spatula

In this multi-part series we talk about the best grilling tools out there for men. Grilling is sacred ground, where one hones his skill in the ancient tradition of cooking over a fire. Gone are the days of rocks and sticks to prepare our meal, but the tradition of grilling lives on.

Now is the time to take your grilling style from the prehistoric to modern grill master. Having the right tool for any job is important, especially in meal preparation. Who cares how delicious your hamburgers are if they come out looking like a crumbled mess because your discount spatula is flimsy, melting and leaving with more food stuck to it than the grill.

The answer to our problems is the OXO Good Grips Grilling Set. The spatula is stainless steel, rust resistant and with a 16″, rubber grip handle it will keep your hands from cooking while you tend to the food. The edges are beveled, instead of squared, to allow it to slide under food easier, and the serrated side allows for easy cutting to ensure food is properly cooked.

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Burgers and fish don’t deal too well with being compressed by tongs. That’s where a good spatula comes in handy. Our favorite is the one that comes in the $20 OXO Good Grips 2-piece Grilling Tools Set. As with the tongs in this set, the spatula performed better in our tests than ten other models we tried, thanks to its strong, flexible construction, a long, comfortable handle, and a wide head with both a bevelled edge for sliding under food and a serrated one for cutting grub as you grill.

The Two-Piece Grilling Set spatula is made of tough 430-grade stainless steel, making it strong, relatively light, and capable of taking the abuse of high temperatures or a dishwasher. The stainless steel head flexes slightly, just enough to wedge it under a piece of chicken stuck on the grill. But it’s also sturdy enough to handle the weight of heavier cuts. The shaft of the tool is folded into a ‘C’ shape, providing the tool with a little more durability without weighing the tool down. The stainless steel does take on water stains and fingerprints easily, though. The spatula’s 16-inch length is ideal for flipping burgers at the back of the grill without getting your hands too close to the heat. While other spatulas have serrated edges, they weren’t as effective as the OXO’s.

OXO’s Good Grips Two-Piece Grilling Set is so new that we weren’t able to find any editorial reviews on them. At Amazon, the $20 set has a 4.5-star rating, but at the time this guide was written, only 14 people had reviewed the hardware.

The competition

Our previous pick, the $11 OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Barbecue Turner, is being discontinued. If you can find it in stores or online, we think it’s great.

The spatula that comes with Cuisinart’s $19 CGS-134 3-piece Grilling Tool Set with Grill Glove is terrible. The metal shaft and head bent when we lifted a six-pound box (we were simulating lifting a heavy roast). You don’t want that.

We liked the full-tang construction of the Weber Style 6707 2-piece Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set’s spatula. In testing, we found that its head was well angled and just flexible enough to slide nicely over a grill grate without forcing you to get your arm too close to the heat. Unfortunately, there’s no beveling at the end of the spatula head, so it was difficult to slide it under food. The handle, although adequate, doesn’t match the secure grip of our main pick.

The Weber 6620 Original Spatula’s head didn’t glide underneath burgers as easily as the OXO spatula did, and it didn’t feel quite as sturdy. We were able to bend it a little further than we could the OXO hardware, and after our abuse, the spatula’s rubber handle wobbled more than it did before. The Weber also doesn’t have serrated edge.

While the spatula that comes with Cave Tools BBQ Grill Tools Set is made from strong, flexible stainless steel, the slick, polished stainless steel handle also offers no grip.

The Update International 7.5” Square-end Spatula was at one time mislabeled as the top-selling barbecue turner, but it is wicked short with a wooden handle. It’s really better for indoor griddling.

We picked up the Napoleon 70010 Professional Spatula for $20 ($19 on Amazon) and found that while we liked its wide serrated head, its metal handle wasn’t comfortable to hold when you’re handling heavier cuts of meat. Also, it’s the same price as our favorite two-piece set, so it doesn’t feel like a great deal.

And this Cuisinart 16-inch CIT-200 Folding Grill Spatula goes for $15, but it’s mostly made from plastic, and honestly, there’s no need for your grilling tools to fold down like that. We didn’t even bother calling it in.

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