Pokémon Go Survival Gear

Pokémon Go Survival Gear

The Pokémon Go Survival Gear List is the ultimate Urban Man EDC. Pokémon Go, has taken the nation, and parts of the world by storm. The game appeals to children, adults who were children during the beginning of Pokémon in 1996, and anyone else interested in the new craze. The game brings a virtual world to life by using current streets and landmarks as places to go in the game. This inspires people to get out and explore the world around them instead of sitting on the couch playing another console game. With all this travel, you need to be ready for a full day of Pokémon Go hunting and training. Below we have compiled a list of items to help you explore further and last longer. 


Phone Chargers

When your phone dies, your Pokémon Go adventure is over. Most smart phones take an average of 2+ hours to fully recharge. Thats 2 hours of down time or chained to wall outlet.

I suggest the following external power packs to keep you in the game longer. The USB port will also allow you to charge other USB devices like flashlights, if needed.

If you prefer having no cords to connect and keep up with walking, I suggest these cases with a battery built in. Just a touch of a button and your phone charges while you walk.


Water Bottles

If you are going to be out there for hours, a normal bottle wont do, unless you love hot water! Here are some good bottles to keep your water cold and ready to drink.


Sometimes you just need to block out the world around you and focus in. Please be careful and mindful of your surroundings while you explore!



Sometimes the Pokémon Go adventure last longer than the sun does. You will need some good light to get you back safely. Here are some lights we suggest. For more information on flashlights visit GoingGear.



You are going to need a way to carry around the gear for a day of Pokémon Go exploring. A backpack is the best way to keep your hands free but keep all your stuff ready to go.


Other Items

With the above mentioned gear, you are ready to set up on an epic Pokémon Go adventure. Here are the last remaining items to keep you out longer.

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Repellent
  • Food – Beef Jerkey, Cliff bars and trail mix (without chocolate) keep well even in heat.
  • A Hat
  • Mini First Aid Kit
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra Water


Please be aware of your surroundings at all times while playing Pokémon Go. Do not trespass, run into the road or put yourself in possibly dangerous situations. The game is meant to be a fun way to get outside and explore the world. Don’t get so wrapped up that you forget the best part, FUN! So get out there and go Catch ‘Em All with Pokémon Go and Cool Shit Guys Need Pokémon Go survival items.


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