The KLAX Multi-Tool

The KLAX Multi-Tool

The axe has been a staple in the outdoors ever since it was invented. It’s chopping and splitting superiority over a knife made it the go to for frontiersmen and woodsmen alike. But over all the years of use, very little has changed with the axe.The head shape changes occasionally with more, or less, curves, a flattened back end for hammering, or maybe a spike on the back and someone calls it tactical. There are various names and models such as the splitting axe, camp axe, hatchet, and tomahawk, but they all are the same basic design. A chunk of metal, attached to a handle for heavy duty chopping and cutting.

Well finally someone has created an axe that does more than just occasionally chop and weigh down your pack. Klecker Knives set out to make an axe that could do so much more and they succeeded with their most popular model, The KLAX Lumberjack.

The KLAX Lumberjack distances itself from the pack with many features. At a price  of $180, the stainless steel version is set to take you further than the traditional axe.

  • The head features a clamping system that allows you to fashion your own handle if you don’t wish to purchase their handle.
  • 3 blades: The main chopping edge, a secondary edge for stripping limbs or bark, and smaller gut hook style edge that can cut cordage and even serve to open a bottle.
  • A hammer edge that also has a ruler.
  • 1/4″ hex bit driver.
  • Hex wrench set (standard or metric depending on the model).
  • Carabineer for easy carry when not in use.


Klecker Knives also has made the KLAX  Feller Head. The Feller Head is a simpler approach featuring two cutting edges and lashing points to attach it to a handle. For the serious gear junkies, the Ti-KLAX Head is for you. All the awesome features of the Lumberjack model in beautiful titanium.


If you decide you would rather carry a handle than have to make one in the woods, well Klecker has you covered with their own axe handle.

About Klecker Knives

Klecker Knives is founded by Glenn and his son Nathan. Glenn served as a Marine over seas and upon returning, started doing knife and tool designs. He has done work with LeatherMan and CRKT to name a few companies.

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