Beard or Baby Face?

Beard or Baby Face?

What is it going to be? The righteous beard or the clean shave? Unfortunately, not all men have the freedom, or ability, to grow out that beard. Whatever your life dictates, do it with the best products and best prices. Cool Shit Guys Need is going to break down the ins and outs of the now famous Dollar Shave Club and the Dollar Beard Club.

The Dollar Shave Club and Dollar Beard Club operate on the same basic idea. You pay a low monthly fee and you receive their base product monthly. Since dollar is in both names, the base product can range from $1-$9 depending on which one you choose. Each month you have the opportunity to add on additional items and accessories and pay a little extra for them to be added to your delivery.

Base Product

At The Dollar Shave Club the base product is a razor (shocker I know). On your first order you will receive the razor handle in addition to the razor cartridges:

  • The Humble Twin: This is a 2 blade razor. For $1 a month you will get 5 cartridges. The kicker here is you must pay $2 S+H
  • The 4x: This is a 4 blade razor. For $6 a month you get 4 cartridges. You do not have to pay for shipping.
  • The Executive: This is a massive 6 blade razor. For $9 a month you get 4 cartridges. You do not have to pay for shipping.

At The Dollar Beard Club, the base product is scented beard oil. It appears that you pay $3.99 shipping on all orders, regardless of product:

  • Original Oil: 0.5oz of beard oil for $1 a month
  • Original Oil: 2.0oz of beard oil for $4 a month
  • Sandal Wood Oil: 0.5oz of beard oil for $1 a month
  • Sandal Wood Oil: 2.0oz of beard oil for $4 a month


The Dollar Shave Club offers multiple products for grooming and body care:

  • Dr. Carvers Shave Butter: 6.0oz of shaving “butter” $8
  • Dr Carvers Post Shave Cream: 3.5oz  $9
  • Boogies Casual Hair Clay or Pacific Hair Pomade: 2.0oz of hair gel $10
  • Wanderer Awakening Body Wash: 12oz $9.50
  • Wanderer Calming Body Bars: 2pack $7.50
  • Big Cloud Face Moisturizer: 2oz $9
  • Big Cloud Hand Moisturizer: 3oz $6
  • One Wipe Charlies: Flush-able butt wipes 40 count for $4 or 40 travel packets for $7.50

The Dollar Beard Club is also a one stop shop for your grooming and body care needs:

  • Regular Beard Balm or Sandalwood Beard Balm: 1.0oz $7
  • Beard Cream: 2.0oz $8
  • Beard Wax: 0.5oz $6
  • Body Wash: 8.0oz $8
  • Shampoo: 4.0oz is $4 and 8.0oz is $8
  • Beard Growth Oil: 1.0oz $8
  • Beard Growth Vitamins: 60 capsules $19


The Dollar Shave Club does not offer any additional accessories. The Dollar Beard club does currently have 4 you can add to your order:

  • Beard Brush: $9
  • Beard Comb: $5
  • Money Clip: $19
  • Stainless Steel Beard Comb: $15

Misc Information

  • Referrals: The Dollar Shave Club referral program will give you $5 in credit for each person that you refer and completes an order. The Dollar Beard Club Ambassador Program will pay you $10 for each person that signs up and spends $5.
  • Scheduling: The Dollar Shave Club allows you to set your shipping schedule as well as skip a month if you are not a frequent shaver. The Dollar Beard Club does not have an option to change your delivery schedule. They suggest you choose a smaller bottle of beard oil for month to month if you are not using it completely.
  • Cancellation: The Dollar Shave Club and The Dollar Beard Club are the same. Simply delete the contents out of your monthly subscription and follow the steps to cancel. You will still be charged if your monthly order has already been processed.


When it is all laid out it is pretty easy to see the savings and simplicity of getting everything you need is in both companies. The only negatives in our opinion is the hidden shipping cost on both, the lack of schedule changes at the Dollar Beard Club and the $5 credit vs a payout at the Dollar Shave Club. Whatever you choose, look your best doing it!

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