Grab Life Outdoors Tumbler Handle Review

Grab Life Outdoors Tumbler Handle Review


Grab Life Outdoors has created a great handle to add to your 20oz, or 30oz, stainless steel tumbler. Grab Life Outdoors was founded in Georgia, and their products are made right here in the USA. We were excited when we found out Grab Life Outdoors was sending us a handle to try. Check out our review to see how it went.


Their handle is made out of BPA-Free and FDA Approved Nylon. Each handle is backed by a lifetime warranty and is dishwasher safe. Currently, the handles are offered in black, but new colors will be available soon. Grab Life Outdoors sells their products on Amazon with a link on their website, As of today, the 30oz handle is $12.95 and the 20oz handle is $11.95. The handles will fit a variety of manufactures tumblers. Here is a list from their website:

  • YETI Rambler – 20 oz & 30 oz 
  • RTIC –  30 oz ONLY
  • Ozark Trail  – 20 oz & 30 oz
  • K2 – 30 oz
  • Titan – 20 oz & 30 oz
  • Magnum Steel –  20 oz & 30 Oz
  • Polar Drifter –  20 oz & 30 oz
  • SIC Cups – 30 oz
  • KUER CorpCups – 20 oz & 30 oz
  • BOSS/Lil Boss – 20 oz & 30 oz
  • Smart – 30 oz
  • ICONIQ – 20 oz & 30 oz
  • Zero – 30 oz
  • Grid Gear – 30 oz
  • Bison – 20 oz & 30 oz
  • Eskimo – 20 oz & 30 oz
  • Kodiak Tundra – 30 oz
  • Thermik – 20 oz & 30 oz
  • Kryo Kup – 20 oz & 30 oz
  • And many more
 *WIll Not FIt ORCA 27 Oz or Mossy Oak 20/30 oz*
Grab Life Outdoors

The Grab Life Outdoors 30oz and 20oz handles.



The Grab Life Outdoors Handle is a great addition to the tumbler. What we immediately liked about the handle is that it is one solid piece, unlike other handles that have a second support ring. This makes putting it on and getting a snug fit quick and easy. The handle appears to ride high on the tumbler but this is the perfect balance point for drinking. It feels just like any mug or coffee cup. Also, because the handle does sit higher on the tumbler than other handles on the market, it fits in most cup holders in a car or boat. The nylon material keeps the handle from being flimsy and bending like cheaper plastic versions. Even better, when wet the nylon handle does not lose grip in your hand. Since the handle is so strong, we found ourselves using it as a hook to hold the tumbler on a rope, fence, and many other places when we were not using it. After weeks of use, and taking the handle on and off the cup, it has not stretched or wore out, and stays just as snug on the tumbler as day 1.

Grab Life Outdoors

The Grab Life Outdoors 30oz handle at the lake.


Grab Life Outdoors is American born and American made and we love supporting home grown companies. The handle is strong and reliable. It fits most vehicle cup holders and is easy to remove if it doesn’t. There is no loss of grip when outside using the handle. Best of all, a lifetime warranty on a solid product!


If there was one, it would be that the only color offered currently is black. Per Grab Life Outdoors’ website, that will be changing soon. ***Update this has changed and Grab Life Outdoors now offers several colors***


The Grab Life Outdoors Handle is a must have accessory for your stainless steel tumbler. Don’t be fooled into buying the cheap, foreign made knock offs. Buy from a home grown company who is proud enough to offer a life time warranty. To find more accessories for your tumbler, check out our article HERE. If you are still wondering which tumbler brand to go with, see our article for the quick comparison of Yeti, Rtic and Ozark Trail HERE.

Grab Life Outdoors

The Grab Life Outdoors Handle.


Grab Life Outdoors Tumbler Handle

Grab Life Outdoors Tumbler Handle

Does it work as advertised?

10.0 /10


  • Fits great
  • Strong / Durable
  • Made is USA
  • Multiple colors


  • Won't fit all tumblers

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