Trayvax Summit Wallet Review

Trayvax Summit Wallet Review

Recently, Trayvax sent us their Summit Wallet for testing and review. After some long nights, and some rough work, we are here to give you the ups and downs of the Trayvax Summit Wallet.


The Trayvax Summit is advertised as a minimalist wallet, or a front pocket wallet to some, that will run you $19.99. Trayvax is a USA born company, and their wallets are made in the USA. The Trayvax Summit is made out of cold rolled steel and mil-spec nylon webbing. It is advertised as RFID resistant if you place your RFID enabled cards face to face in the wallet. The steel wallet frame comes in black and the mil-spec nylon webbing comes in your choice of colors; Stone Gray, Shadow Black, Forest Camo, Coyote Brown and OD Green. You keep your cards secure in the wallet by adjusting the mil-spec nylon webbing until the cards are snug against the frame.

Trayvax Wallet

A look at the Trayvax Summit Wallet.

Daily Use

Per the instruction and information sheet we received with the wallet, the Trayvax Summit can hold up to 8 cards and up to 5 money bills. While some testers never came close to this, some of us carried a little more than that at times. Surprisingly, the wallet never let a card slip away as long as you kept the strap adjusted correctly. There is a lip on the bottom of the wallet (opposite the lanyard hole) that is just tall enough to give 8 cards a base to rest on. Your cash slips under the mil-spec nylon webbing’s buckle on the backside of the wallet and rest against your last card in the stack. 5 bills folded correctly does seem to be about the max unless you loosen your card strap first and then add the money in.

Trayvax Summit

The Trayvax Summit hanging out with the EDC gang.


The most important part, great retention on your items! Even with the strap a little loose, or with an over burdened strap, we never lost a card. The cash stayed put, even down to just 1 bill folded away. The strap never came loose on its own, even when the wallet got soaked in a rain storm. The frame is very sturdy and even after multiple car trips with the wallet in a back pocket, there was never any bending of the frame or cards. The Summit Wallet is very slim which makes it comfortable, and almost unnoticeable, while in your back pocket. For reference, the picture below shows a .380 round sitting on the card retention lip. The .380 is actually a little thicker than the lip.

Trayvax Summit

The Trayvax Summit is about as think as a .380 round.


There isn’t much wrong with the Trayvax Summit. If you are someone who constantly changes the number of cards in your wallet then the mil-spec nylon webbing may become annoying to you. You must remove your cards first to adjust the strap and then put them back to check tension. Also, since your cards slide in and out of the wallet, I fear possible future damage when credit cards with raised numbers are rubbing against each other. We came up with some simple remedies to this potential problem:

  1. If you are facing your RFID cards, rotate one card so the numbers don’t touch each other.
  2. If you are not facing your RFID cards, rotate one card so that the bottom card’s numbers don’t rub against the security strip on the back of the top card.
  3. Use smooth cards like a drivers license, store rewards card, or insurance cards to go between the raised number cards.


The Trayvax Summit is a great wallet for a minimalist carry. If you are someone who carries a lot of cards, then this wallet may not be for you. Trayvax does offer other models that can accommodate many more cards for those who need it. For anyone else this is the perfect wallet for EDC, traveling, or keeping your cards and cash in a compact way while doing outdoor activities. The carabineer hole is perfect for putting it in a backpack and clipping it in the key ring that most have sewn in. The wallet looks good and the finish makes it stand out. Expect to get questions and comments from your friends every time you take out your Trayvax Summit.

To read about more Trayvax wallets, see our article on new styles of wallets HERE.

Trayvax Summit

The Trayvax Summit Wallet.

Trayvax Summit Wallet

Trayvax Summit Wallet

Does it work as advertised?

9.0 /10


  • Slim
  • Light weight
  • Secure
  • Made is the USA


  • Strap can be hard to adjust
  • Small money clip

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