EDC Key Chain Part 2: The Knife

EDC Key Chain Part 2: The Knife

After covering how you are going to carry this key chain of awesome manliness in Part 1, Cool Shit Guys Need continues the discussion of the simple man’s EDC Key Chain with the talk of key chain knives.

The knife on your EDC key chain isn’t a big blade, or even a medium blade, we are talking small blades 2 inches or less. This knife is your box opener, package opener, cutting rope, tape, the millions of little task you do every day. If you are the usual man, you carry some kind of pocket knife, but sometimes you have nothing more than your key chain and wallet near by.

The EDC key chain knife can be broken down into 2 categories, the folding knife, and a multi-tool knife. The stand alone folding blade is usually going to be a slightly larger blade, but the multi-tool knife will also give you extra tools on your key chain that can always come in handy.

Folding Knives

Spyderco has a great small model lineup for your key chain needs. 4 of their more popular smaller models are listed below.

  • The Bug: A blade length of of 1-5/16 inches and an overall lenth of 2-7/8 inches. The blade has no lock, just a slip joint.
  • The Honeybee: A blade length of 1-5/8 inches, and an overall length of 3-5/8 inches. Also a slip joint folder.
  • The LadyBug: A blade length of 1-15/16 inches, and an overall length of 4-3/8 inches. This model has a locking blade.
  • The ManBug: A blade length of 1-7/8 inches, and an overall length of 4-3/8 inches. This model has a locking blade

The SOG Key Knife is another option. The frame of the knife is shaped just like a key, with a 1-1/2 inch locking blade that folds out to give you a discrete key chain knife. This is also a great option if you are going with a KeyBar or Keysmart key chain set up.

The Gerber GDC Zip Blade is little different than the normal blade. With a blade length of just .68 inches, it is the smallest of the knives we have featured. With a such a tiny blade, it still has a frame lock and an overall length of 2-3/8 inches.


Multi-tool Knives

The multi-tool option is a great one. This is a, kill two birds with one stone, type scenario. You get your knife, and some small tools, in 1 key chain size package.

Leatherman offers a great line of models to fit your key chain size needs. Some of the more popular ones include:

  •  The Squirt has a 1.6 inch blade with a total closed size of 2.25 inches. It includes an array of tools like, pliers, wire cutters, scissors, flat/phillips screwdrivers, file and bottle opener.
  • The CS Multi-Tool has 1.6 inch blade with a total closed size of 2.98 inches. It includes a set of scissors, nail file, flat/phillips screwdrivers, bottle opener with carabiner, and a set of tweezers.
  • The Micra has a 1.6 inch blade, and a total closed size of 2.5 inches. It includes spring action scissors, small and medium flat screwdrivers, flat/phillips screwdriver, file, ruler, tweezers, and ruler.


For a more classic look, Victorinox offers some great key chain Swiss Army models.

  • The Classic has an overall length of 2.25 inches with a small blade. It also has scissors, tweezers, nail file, screwdriver, and a toothpick.
  • The Rambler has an overall length of 2.25 inches with a small blade. It includes all the same tools as the Classic as well a bottle opener with a magnetic screwdriver tip.

For more options, you can also look at the Gerber Dime, Curve, or Splice. Gerber’s key chain tools don’t seem to fare well in reviews so we wont spend any time reviewing them here.


There are many more options on the market for your EDC key chain knife. We have covered some of the more popular, and better rated, key chain knives. Click the links, do some reading, and start building a key chain that will keep you prepared for life’s every day little task. The EDC market is booming and new companies are creating innovative products every day. Be on the lookout for the next part in our Key Chain Series coming soon.

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