Klecker Stowaway Tools Review

Klecker Stowaway Tools Review

I was so excited when Klecker Knives contacted me to review their Stowaway Tools. The Stowaway Tools are a revolutionary change to the EDC world. Klecker started with an idea, and a Kickstarter campaign that blew the roof off their minimum goal. People saw value in what he was offering, and now you can read some first hand opinions of this setup. To see more information on the Stowaway Tools, check out my overview article HERE.


Klecker sent just about everything! The only thing I didn’t get was the Carabiner so I will leave it out of the review.


Phone Case

The iPhone Case is a remarkable idea. It has the ability to carry 4 tools, while adding very little bulk, but adding a whole lot of protection to the phone. The fit is great on the phone. All of the buttons are accessible, the charging port is cut correctly, and the speakers have proper openings. The phone case wraps around to the sides of the phone, ending with a small edge just above the screen, giving your screen protection from falls. Included with the phone case is a thick, screen protector like material, for the back of your phone. This allows the tools to slide in and out of the case, without scratching your phone. But the tools will not fall out either. Klecker designed small notches that retain the tools, without making them too hard to get out. The one negative I discovered is after applying the back protective film, slim cases will no longer fit on my iPhone.

A shot inside the case with the included phone protector.

The case itself has held up very well. I have removed my phone from the case almost every other day and there are no signs of stretching. I have also pulled on the top of the case multiple times a day, as I keep it in a rifle mag pouch at work, and the case shows no sign of stressing. The back out the case features a creative design that doubles as texture grip while holding it.

Showing off the phone case design with some of the tools for that day.

There is nothing we could find wrong with the case. Its strong, durable, provides great protection, and carries 4 tools without issue.



The Stowaway Tools are very well thought out. I have had a blast testing each one of them individually. Keep in mind, you are buying mini EDC tools. They are not meant to be a good as their full size counterparts. These tools are meant to be used in a pinch, when all you have is what you have on you. Each of the tools fit into the iPhone case, and onto the post of my Keybar with ease.

All of the included tools and tool caps I got for testing.

Scissors – There are simple to use, pinch style scissors that will cut! The blades are easy to sharpen and as long as you pinch close to the blades, it will work.

Knife – Sharp! This blade is ideal for anyone needing a package opener or string cutter on the fly. I was surprised to see that a knife so small still had a lock giving you extra security. I expected a simple slip joint folder but that wouldn’t have been good enough for Klecker.

Pen – Somehow, someone around you always needs a pen. The pen tool is great to have, and it writes very well. It can be a little tricky to fold out, but once you do, it snaps into place to give you a great EDC pen.

Bit Driver – This is by far, my most used tool. Infact this is the 1 tool I never rotated out of my EDC. The bit driver features and philips and flat head bit. The bit has a small notch that locks it in place when in use. I found an almost daily use for the bit driver.

Wrench – The wrench features multiple sizes, both metric and standard, with the largest being 9mm and 5/16″. You won’t be doing much in the way of car maintenance but you can find plenty of things in the office that will fit it.

Pliers – Considering the size of the tool, the pliers works very well. I liked that it had a sliding piece to limit the amount of opening if needed.

Flashlight – Unlike many of the gimmicky key chain flashlights, the Stowaway light is a handy addition. It features 2 brightness modes, that you toggle between using 2 buttons. You can also hold both buttons down at the same time for max brightness. It does not have the option for replacement batteries.

Firestarter – The firestarter works! With a striker rod and a magnesium block, you can get a fire started in a pinch. It can be a little hard to use just given its size, but with a little practice, you can get the job done.

Tweezers – This was probably my second most used tool. The tweezers have a great edge, and comes to a point so grabbing small splinters is an ease.

Comb – I didn’t have much use for this one (no hair) but the wife and daughter played around with it and it combed just fine. In a pinch, it will get the job done.

Pocket Clip / Bottle Opener – I didn’t find much use for this tool. I carried everything in either the phone case, or a Keybar so I didn’t need a pocket clip. But in testing it, the tool slipped over the pocket, or a belt loop, rather easy. The edges are not sharp, so you don’t need to worry with it ripping your clothes. The bottle opener works, but like most small bottle openers, there is a certain touch to get it just right the first time.

Griffin Tool – This is a mini make of the popular Griffin Pocket Tool. This is a multi tool featuring 4 wrench sizes, pry bar, bottle opener, score tool, and flat head screwdriver. Trust me, you can find a use for at least one of those everyday.

Seatbelt Cutter – Not much to this one, its meant to be a cutter. I couldn’t find any seat belts to put to the test, but I did cut multiple strands of small rope, and cord, without issue.

Tool Caps – Klecker offers their tool caps in multiple colors. The tool caps slide onto the tools, and pop off easily when you depress a retainer tab on the inside. At the suggestion of Klecker, I put a red cap on the knife to make it easily identifiable.


The Stowaway Tools are a must for anyone looking to be prepared every day. No matter which of the tools you pick, you will not be disappointed. If I had to pick my top 4 tools to load a phone case with, it would be the bit driver, tweezers, Griffin Tool, and pen. Those 4 tools, combined with a pocket knife, can conquer almost any normal situation you encounter in your day to day activities. I still get constant questions when I go places and people see the “Crazy phone case”, or see me pull a tool from it. People want to be prepared, without having to carry the proverbial kitchen sink. I believe the Stowaway tools are a smart way to get that preparedness without the bulk or gimmick. Now get over to StowawayTools.com and get ready to see this at your front door!



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