YETI Rambler 64oz Review

YETI Rambler 64oz Review

YETI has taken the drink world by storm, again! When you go to the lake, a concert, a tailgate, the beach, off road, etc, what do you always see? YETI. YETI branded coolers and drink containers can be found anywhere, and for a good reason; YETI has brought us some of the best insulated products on the market. YETI has made no except for their bottle series of Ramblers.

YETI offers 6 sizes of the Rambler Bottle; 18oz, 26oz, 36oz, 64oz, 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon. For this review, I picked up the Rambler 64oz. I feel that this Rambler is a perfect middle ground in size, space, and weight for the average users. At 64oz, I would consider this design a growler, more than a bottle, but no quite a jug like design the 1/2 and 1 gallon sizes.

64 oz YETI Rambler Shiny

A nice shiny YETI Rambler 64oz bottle/growler.

The YETI Rambler 64oz has the all to familiar look of clean and shiny stainless steel with a thick BPA free lid. The bottle measures at 4 3/4″ wide and 11 1/2″ tall with an empty weight of 33oz. At this size, it wont fit in any of your cup holders, but the bottom is wide enough that it wont easily tip over riding in the floor of your truck. The walls are made of 18/8 grade stainless steel and have withstood drops, dings, and bangs that everyday life provide. This is the same stainless steel that makes up all of YETI’s other stainless steel drink products.

YETI Rambler Lid / Handle

The YETI Rambler 64oz lid.

The lid of the YETI Rambler 64oz is very secure. It screws down until you compress an o-ring giving you an airtight seal for maximum insulation. The top of the lid is the perfect handle for the Rambler. Since the handle is on top of the lid, it keeps the weight under your hand making carrying it very easy. I can easily get 3 fingers around the handle of the lid for carrying.

YETI Rambler Hold with three fingers.

3 fingers easily fit the YETI Rambler lid handle.

My complaint is that when you remove the lid on the YETI Rambler 64oz bottle, it leaves a very wide opening. YETI refers to this as “over the nose” technology. YETI believes by making the opening larger, drinking from the container will be easier. While I agree with their idea, it also makes you more likely to spill your drink down your shirt, just like the Nalgene wide mouth bottles are famous for. In fact, the inside opening of the YETI Rambler 64oz measures at 2 3/4″ allowing you to put the mouth of a Nalgene bottle INSIDE the Rambler’s opening. While this makes drinking from the YETI Rambler a possibly dangerous task, it does make pouring, filling up, and cleaning a lot easier than other growlers.

YETI Rambler Lid Off- "Over the nose technology"

A shot with the lid off.

YETI Rambler with Nalgene Bottle Fitting inside Opening

Showing the large opening of the YETI Rambler.

You may notice this article is lacking a “cold test” or whatever is the current craze on the market is. Lets be honest here, you are using this for the day, not a week. We already know how well all of YETI’s other products hold in the cold, why would this be any different? The YETI Rambler 64oz is made out of the same grade stainless steel, with the same double walled vacuum insulation that has become an industry standard. It is going to keep your colds cold, and hots, well hot, a whole lot longer than any other conventional cup or bottle.

Overall the YETI Rambler 64oz is a great growler to add to your backyard bash arsenal. I will leave you with my final complaint about the Rambler. While YETI continues to lead the industry, and YETI’s brand is probably the most recognizable, the price of a YETI Rambler 64oz is currently $69.99 making it 1 of the most expensive 64oz stainless steel growlers on the market today. But if you want a YETI, you wont be disappointed with this model Rambler!

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