Reduce Bottle/Can Cooler

Reduce Bottle/Can CoolerRecently while walking the isles of our local Costco, we stumbled up the Reduce Bottle Can Cooler. Reduce was founded in 2006 with the idea of creating products to limit the waste of plastic bottles and cans. Their first product was the WaterWeek. It is a rack to hold 5 BPA Free water bottles in your... Read More »

Grab Life Outdoors Tumbler Handle Review

Grab Life Outdoors Tumbler Handle Review  Grab Life Outdoors has created a great handle to add to your 20oz, or 30oz, stainless steel tumbler. Grab Life Outdoors was founded in Georgia, and their products are made right here in the USA. We were excited when we found out Grab Life Outdoors was sending us a handle to try. Check out... Read More »

Stainless Steel Tumbler Accessories

Stainless Steel Tumbler AccessoriesSo after you read our article on comparing the stainless steel tumblers HERE, it’s time to make your tumbler even better. Cool Shit Guys Need has you covered with the accessories you need to get the most out of your... Read More »

Klecker Knives Stowaway Tools

Klecker Knives Stowaway ToolsKlecker Knives is at it again! This is the same company that brought us the Klax Multi-Tool system (see our article HERE). In addition to making great knives, and the Klax, they are now going after the EDC world with a new way to carry your basic... Read More »

Drink More Water With WATRBOTL

Drink More Water With WATRBOTLThe majority of our body’s composition is made up by water. We have been preached to our whole life about drinking water, but how many people HATE drinking water? Water has no taste, or maybe it has a  bad taste from the local water plant. The only solution seems to be carrying around sugar and... Read More »

The Hydro Flask Beer Growler

The Hydro Flask Beer GrowlerIn the last 5 or so years we have seen the popularity of the small beer markets explode. Now in almost every major city you can find a local place to have your favorite brew poured into a growler for you to take home, parties, camping or just drink straight from it if you are... Read More »

A New Style of Wallets

A New Style of WalletsWe all carry a wallet every single day. Your wallet holds some of your most important day to day items. If you lose any of these items, it could be a long day. So why do we neglect our wallets? You know what I mean. That boring, tired, tri or bi fold wallet that you... Read More »

Circamade: Handcrafted Wood Accessories

Circamade: Handcrafted Wood AccessoriesWhile doing some research for other topics, Cool Shit Guys Need came across this company and could not wait to bring them to you. Circamade was created in 2015 in San Francisco, CA. They make wooden accessories such as cuff links, tie clips, ear rings, and our personal favorite, money... Read More »

Yeti Vs Rtic Vs Ozark Trail: Battle of the Tumblers

Yeti Vs Rtic Vs Ozark Trail: Battle of the TumblersYeti changed the beverage consumption world when they released their tumblers. The double walled, stainless steel, vacuum sealed tumblers guaranteed your drinks would stay colder, or hotter, longer than any other existing tumbler on the market. The only negative Yeti had was the price of their products. Now Rtic and Ozark Trail have joined the... Read More »

Minimalist Watches for Men

Minimalist Watches for MenTime is an essential part of our every day life. We run on it, rely on it, plan our day around it, and end our day with it. Time is something that is a constant standard, while the time itself is always changing, the idea of time never changes. Being up to date on time... Read More »

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