The Fidgi Pen Review

The Fidgi Pen ReviewDuring the many black Friday shopping deals, Fidgi Pen ran a deal that I couldn’t pass up. I’m not much a fidgeter, but my wife is. I ordered her a rose gold color Fidgi Pen in hopes that it could help her at work. Here is a months worth of her use summed... Read More »

Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid EDC Belt Review

Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid EDC Belt ReviewRecently I started a pursuit to find a better belt after I grew tired of my belts lacking security and adjustment. I would consider my use of belts to be on the moderately extreme side between various outdoor activities, training, and chasing down “bad guys” for work. As I posted recently in my article reviewing... Read More »

Liberty Gun Belts No Velcro EDC Belt Review

Liberty Gun Belts No Velcro EDC Belt ReviewI love cool shit. I love cool wallets, I love pocket knives, I love carrying a pistol, but you know what I hate??? Having to adjust my belt all the time! Every time my cheap nylon belt slips I feel like I am at risk of losing my pants! And leather belts with their standard... Read More »

Klecker Stowaway Tools Review

Klecker Stowaway Tools ReviewI was so excited when Klecker Knives contacted me to review their Stowaway Tools. The Stowaway Tools are a revolutionary change to the EDC world. Klecker started with an idea, and a Kickstarter campaign that blew the roof off their minimum goal. People saw value in what he was offering, and now you can read... Read More »

Centurio Striker Key Organizer

Centurio Striker Key OrganizerThe EDC market is no stranger to new key carries. You may not own one yet, but you have surely heard of Keybar, KeySmart, KeyPort and various other names that started the market. Centurio Design hopes to make a hit with their own unique design to the key... Read More »

CRKT Guppie

CRKT GuppieCRKT is famous for creating useful tools and knives at a lower price point. Their Guppie multi-tool falls right in line with their economically priced items, packed with a tons of useful... Read More »

Lever Gear Toolcard Review

Lever Gear Toolcard ReviewRecently we did an overview of the Lever Gear Toolcard (see it HERE). We were thrilled when Lever Gear sent us a Toolcard to review, and ultimately giveaway to one of you lucky readers. So after a month of carrying this tool everyday, in one capacity or another, we are here to give you the... Read More »

EDC KeyChain Part 3: The Multi-Tool

EDC KeyChain Part 3: The Multi-ToolToday, we are going to discuss selecting a multi-tool for your keychain in our multi part series on the EDC KeyChain. This market has boomed in the last few years, and there are several options available from large companies, down to several smaller, starter companies. Each company has created useful multi-tools for you and I.... Read More »

Mini Q Key Organizer

Mini Q Key OrganizerIt is no secret, people are tired of carrying bulky, loud keyrings around all day. The growing trend of key organizers has created great products from companies like KeyBar, KeySmart and KeyPort. The basic idea is the same, a hard sided key organizer where the keys pivot on post, and fold away like a pocket... Read More »

Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool

Gerber Center-Drive Multi-ToolIt has been a long time since a multi-tool created so much buzz in the EDC and knife community. Gerber has revamped the multi-tool and set a new... Read More »

Kershaw Jens Carabiner

Kershaw Jens CarabinerThe Kershaw Jens Carabiner is another great EDC tool option for you and your key chain (see our EDC Key Chain series). This tool is a collaboration between Kershaw Knives and Jens Anso, a Danish knife and tool... Read More »

Griffin Pocket Tool Review

Griffin Pocket Tool ReviewA few weeks ago, Cool Shit Guys Need stopped by Going Gear (a local outdoor retailer) for their annual opening celebration. While we were there, we stopped and chatted with Coyote Mountain Outdoors, the maker of the Griffin Pocket... Read More »

EDC Key Chain Part 2: The Knife

EDC Key Chain Part 2: The KnifeAfter covering how you are going to carry this key chain of awesome manliness inĀ Part 1, Cool Shit Guys Need continues the discussion of the simple man’s EDC Key Chain with the talk of key chain... Read More »

Klecker Knives Stowaway Tools

Klecker Knives Stowaway ToolsKlecker KnivesĀ is at it again! This is the same company that brought us the Klax Multi-Tool system (see our article HERE). In addition to making great knives, and the Klax, they are now going after the EDC world with a new way to carry your basic... Read More »

Trayvax Summit Wallet Review

Trayvax Summit Wallet ReviewRecently, Trayvax sent us their Summit Wallet for testing and review. After some long nights, and some rough work, we are here to give you the ups and downs of the Trayvax Summit... Read More »

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