A New Style of Wallets

A New Style of WalletsWe all carry a wallet every single day. Your wallet holds some of your most important day to day items. If you lose any of these items, it could be a long day. So why do we neglect our wallets? You know what I mean. That boring, tired, tri or bi fold wallet that you... Read More »

Pokémon Go Survival Gear

Pokémon Go Survival GearThe Pokémon Go Survival Gear List is the ultimate Urban Man EDC. Pokémon Go, has taken the nation, and parts of the world by storm. The game appeals to children, adults who were children during the beginning of Pokémon in 1996, and anyone else interested in the new craze. The game brings a virtual world to... Read More »

EDC Knives With Bottle Openers

EDC Knives With Bottle OpenersBeing men is this world, there are a few things we all have in common. Two of them being cool shit, and kicking back. What better way to kick back than with your favorite brew while at the lake, by the fire, or at the end of a long day doing shit for someone else?... Read More »

USA made Every Day Carry

USA made Every Day CarryEvery Day Carry, or EDC is a way of life for many of people. Even if you don’t realize it, or are new to the idea of EDC, you participate in this lifestyle. Every wallet, pocket knife, gun, even your ink pen, is considered EDC by many. Here are some of Cool Shit Guys Need... Read More »

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