What You Need To Know About Safety Razors

What You Need To Know About Safety RazorsSo you are tired of shaving with the same ol grungy cartridge razor. You want to upgrade to the latest trend of the safety razor come back, but you have questions. Well is here to help. The Safety Razor is an old shaving technology that has seen new light in recent years. Cartridge razor... Read More »

Beard or Baby Face?

Beard or Baby Face?What is it going to be? The righteous beard or the clean shave? Unfortunately, not all men have the freedom, or ability, to grow out that beard. Whatever your life dictates, do it with the best products and best... Read More »

Best Electric Shavers

Best Electric ShaversUnfortunately, not all of us men are lucky enough to hold a job where a beard is tolerated, or worshiped. We must go against our desires and return to the baby face man by Monday morning. We hate shaving, but we might as well get use to it, and get the right tools to make... Read More »