Tops Fieldcraft Knife by Brothers of Bushcraft

Tops Fieldcraft Knife by Brothers of BushcraftLooking for the perfect camp knife? Look no further than the Tops Field Craft Knife designed by the Brothers of Bushcraft. This knife is 10″ long, with a 4.5″ blade, 3/16″ thick, and made out of 1095 carbon steel. The edge has the very popular Scandinavia grind making slicing a breeze. The G10 handle scales... Read More »

Expedition Research Bushcraft Grill Review

Expedition Research Bushcraft Grill ReviewHave you ever wanted to cook a mean steak over the campfire but you just didn’t have a way? I mean you could toss it on a rock by the coals, or be a real woodsmen and put it ON the coals, but not everyone wants to eat ash on their steak. Enter the Expedition... Read More »

Toaks 750ml Pot Review – A Dual Purpose Backpacking / Bushcrafting Pot

Toaks 750ml Pot Review – A Dual Purpose Backpacking / Bushcrafting PotAre you looking for a new backpacking or bushcrafting cook pot? Look no further than the Toaks 750ml Pot. This pot has a variety of features that makes it a great 1 person cooking... Read More »

BSR 3000 Camp Stove Review

BSR 3000 Camp Stove ReviewRecently I set out on a mission to lighten my backpacking kit. I started by trying to find a replacement for my heavy JetBoil cooking system. While the JetBoil was an awesome all in 1 nesting cook stove, it was just heavy and bulky for 1 person needing to heat a little food and water.... Read More »

Therm-A-Rest Z Seat review

Therm-A-Rest Z Seat reviewThe Therm-A-Rest Z Seat is like the piece of hiking gear you didn’t know you needed. This little foam pad solves so many problems it’s insane to think I haven’t owned one... Read More »

YETI Rambler 64oz Review

YETI Rambler 64oz ReviewYETI has taken the drink world by storm, again! When you go to the lake, a concert, a tailgate, the beach, off road, etc, what do you always see? YETI. YETI branded coolers and drink containers can be found anywhere, and for a good reason; YETI has brought us some of the best insulated products... Read More »

Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock

Sea To Summit Ultralight HammockSea To Summit has joined the market with what they are claiming to be the lightest hammock out there. Until now, most hammocks have produced 2 problems, bulky packaging, and heavy weight. Now you may say, “Come on, my ENO only weighs 1.3 lbs.” And hey, that’s a great weight, except at 1.3 lbs you... Read More »

Trucker’s Friend Survival Tool

Trucker’s Friend Survival ToolIf you are looking for a great multi purpose, woodsman tool, we have found it for you. If you are looking for an end of days survival tool, this has got you covered too. Introducing the Trucker’s Friend made by Innovation... Read More »

Floaty Pants

Floaty PantsThere are few things better in life than a day spent floating in the lake with your friends, while drinking your favorite brews. The only part that sucks is having to find a way to stay afloat with no effort. Pool Noodles move to much and don’t provide enough buoyancy for real men. The inflatable... Read More »

The KLAX Multi-Tool

The KLAX Multi-ToolThe axe has been a staple in the outdoors ever since it was invented. It’s chopping and splitting superiority over a knife made it the go to for frontiersmen and woodsmen alike. But over all the years of use, very little has changed with the axe.The head shape changes occasionally with more, or less, curves,... Read More »

Shen Ao Z3 Multipurpose Shovel

Shen Ao Z3 Multipurpose ShovelEvery now and then someone comes along and reinvents the wheel. We never would have imagined a shovel getting that kind of treatment! The Shen Ao Z3 Shovel is a new modular, backpacking shovel that replaces multiple tools in your kit. You could almost call this, a survival shovel. Sure, attempts have been made before,... Read More »